The EBRAINS Greek node is led by Athena Research Center, with more members joining in the coming months. The node aims to serve as a point of reference for neuroscientists from all academic and research organisations in Greece.

Greek scientists from Athena Research Center have been key contributors to the EBRAINS infrastructure already as partners of Human Brain Project (HBP) in SGA3, serving as the Technical Coordinators of the project. In addition, another team has been leading the development of the Medical Informatics Platform (MIP), being responsible for the Technical Coordination of the overall effort and implementing the largest part of the software.

Athena Research Center will also offer its broader expertise in Research Infrastructure policy, development, and operation, obtained from its 10-year leadership and coordination of the OpenAIRE Data Infrastructure, implementing the Open Access policies of Europe, its significant engagement in the development of the European Open Science Cloud and the development and operation of the Greek Nodes of several ESFRI RIs.

The EBRAINS Greek Node aims to empower the entire community in Greece and to make it an integral part of the larger EBRAINS ecosystem, so that Greece enjoys the significant benefits of this unprecedented initiative while at the same time contributing to it with its own human resources, scientific excellence, and valuable data.

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