The EBRAINS Italian node is led by Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche and consists of several universities and research centers across the country.

The Italian EBRAINS node offers a multiscale, multi-modal and multi-model approach whereby brain functions, such as for example in focal and multifocal brain lesions – leading to a broad set of neuropathologies and dysfunctions – can be explored through advanced stimulation and recording techniques, and, through unique genetically encoded activity and plasticity probes, be simulated using multiscale modelling techniques. The Italian EBRAINS node provides access to various facility hubs providing the electrophysiological, molecular, imaging, and computational tools that allow users to:

  • Characterise brain architecture
  • Analyse brain functions and dysfunctions
  • Implement large datasets
  • Integrate this knowledge into multilevel computational models

This integrated system will advance our understanding of brain functions and the mechanisms underlying brain diseases.

The Italian node will offer multiple services, ranging from data production to data analysis and management, from modelling and simulations to technological transfer of brain-inspired technologies such as neuromorphic computing, neurorobotics and deep learning architectures, from education to innovation and training.

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