EBRAINS appoints new Chief Science Officer

EBRAINS is delighted to announce the appointment of Professor Viktor Jirsa as Chief Science Officer as of 28 June 2022.

In this role, Prof. Jirsa will be part of the Management Board of EBRAINS AISBL and will advise the Research Infrastructure on scientific matters and direction.

He received his PhD in 1996 in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics and has since then contributed significantly to the field of Theoretical Neuroscience, in particular through the development of large-scale brain network models based on realistic connectivity, linking network dynamics to brain function, behavior, and imaging. His work has been foundational for network science in medicine with clinical translation to epilepsy.

Prof. Jirsa is Director of the Inserm Institut de Neurosciences des Systèmes at Aix-Marseille-Université which recently joined EBRAINS as an Associate Member.

He is also one of the leading scientists in the Human Brain Project (HBP), where he co-led the development of a brain simulation platform, called The Virtual Brain.

“I am honoured that my peers have given me this responsibility” says Prof. Jirsa.

“Prof. Jirsa is a globally renowned scientist who has made a unique contribution to the emergence of EBRAINS” says EBRAINS CEO Paweł Świeboda. “I am delighted that he will now guide our scientific orientation and define future priorities.”