New report from EBRAINS Community CoCreate: Research and innovation roadmaps on Digital Brain Health

The EBRAINS Community has prepared a report on Research & Innovation roadmaps with long-term ambitions and visions within Digital Brain Health.

The report offers insights from a cross-disciplinary group of leading researchers and stakeholders within Digital Brain Health focusing on four main topics: Longitudinal Data Studies; Healthy Ageing; Behavioural Data and Lifestyle Data; and Data Sharing and the EBRAINS Knowledge Graph.

The report focuses on the possible futures within Digital Brain Health. The results are based on careful deliberation between researchers, experts and stakeholders following the EBRAINS CoCreate framework.

EBRAINS CoCreate builds on the method of Open Research Agenda Setting (ORAS) which recognises the benefits of engaging multi-actors in defining future research. The resulting research agendas include visions and missions that a variety of actors find important, which strengthens and legitimises the selection of research priorities. The EBRAINS CoCreate Digital Brain Health process was made up of five workshops arranged from early September 2022 to mid-October 2022, the first and the last workshop being physical workshops held in Marseille, and the three workshops in between set up online.

The report offers detailed roadmaps with descriptions of specific actions needed to fulfil the roadmap’s overall vision within the four main topics of Digital Brain Health:

  • Longitudinal Data Studies elucidating multidimensional indicators of individual trajectories in brain health and disease, risk, and resilience, across the lifespan and Europe, to prevent, predict and treat disease, and to promote potential, productivity, well-being, and resilience.
  • Healthy Ageing with a mission to provide individual citizens with evidence-based information to help them make the right decisions maintaining brain health.
  • Behavioral Data and Lifestyle Data focusing on personalized medicine and how both behavior and lifestyle in combination with neuroimaging can lead to a better understanding of disorders, stratification of patients, and development of precise and holistic treatment approaches.
  • Data Sharing and the Knowledge Graph focusing on a TRUSTable EBRAINS Community-driven platform with citizens and multi-actor engagement providing for user-friendliness, trust, FAIR and lawful data sharing, and sustainable and ecologically friendly computing, supported by common ontology and data structures within Global Health Data Space.

The report also highlights recommendations from researchers and experts to demonstrate how EBRAINS can be a vital player in realizing these roadmaps, and how some of these visions can be realized today.

Click here to read the CoCreate Digital Brain Health report and join the EBRAINS CoCreate subcommunity here to learn more and engage in discussions.

EBRAINS CoCreate on improved brain disease investigation (February-March 2023)

In this CoCreate you will have the opportunity to co-develop roadmaps for improved investigation of brain-related disorders, ultimately leading to understanding the individual case by relating it to experience with patients across Europe. You will become part of a new and growing community of researchers, experts, and stakeholders in multi-disciplinary brain research:

  • 06 February 2023, 13.00-16.00 - Online
  • 01-03 March 2023 - in Copenhagen
  • 20 March 2023, 13.00-16.00 - Online

Register here