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  • On 12 October, representatives of the highest levels of research policy and brain science met in Brussels for the first European Brain Summit, carried out jointly with the European Brain Council (EBC) and in conjunction with the Brain Innovation Days.

  • The full dataset of the Julich-Brain probabilistic maps has been published and can be freely downloaded. The data package comprises 148 probability maps in a three-dimensional reference space.

  • Brussels, October 8, 2021: The European Brain Council (EBC), an organization that is at the forefront of advocacy for brain research in Europe and EBRAINS, an association that supports science in the field of brain research, including as coordinator of the EU-funded Human Brain Project, are together organizing the first European Brain Summit in Brussels on October 12.

  • Researchers from the Human Brain Project (HBP) have released version 4 of the Waxholm Space atlas of the Sprague Dawley rat brain, a volumetric open access atlas. The new atlas version contains both novel and revised subdivisions of the basal ganglia, cerebral cortex and thalamus, defined by domain experts. WHS rat brain atlas v4 will be integrated in EBRAINS tools and workflows, allowing researchers to navigate and analyse their data using the new anatomical subdivisions.

  • The first European Brain Summit will take place on 12th October 2021 in Brussels (Area 42 - Rue des Palais, 46, 1030 Brussels) from 13:15 to 21:00, in conjunction with the Brain Innovation Days and Human Brain Project Summit, co-organised by the European Brain Council and the EBRAINS Research Infrastructure.

  • EBRAINS, the new digital research infrastructure set up by the EU-funded Human Brain Project, has made available an enhanced brain simulation software, NEST 3, with wide practical use in fields such as neuroscience and robotics. NEST 3 enables a better representation of entire populations of neurons and offers an optimised simulator performance.

  • One more step towards a highly personalised medicine in epilepsy with the Virtual Epileptic Patient (VEP). Viktor Jirsa, the scientific leader, shares with us some of the experiences gained in the exciting and challenging journey of this fantastic technology.

  • The Human Brain Project and EBRAINS are excited to invite you to the first digital Summit of the Human Brain Project taking place 12-15 October 2021.

  • Don't miss Paweł Świeboda's presentation at TICAL Conference 2021 on Sep 1st

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