European Brain Research Area (EBRA)

The EBRA project was created as a catalysing platform for brain research stakeholders (researchers, clinicians, patients, governments, funders and public institutions) to streamline and better co-ordinate brain research across Europe while fostering global initiatives. EBRA aimed at reducing the fragmentation and duplication of research efforts and at fostering synergies through enhanced coordination of brain research efforts at the EU and global level.

Over the project lifespan, the EBRA Consortium worked to find ways to better align and coordinate research strategies across European and global brain initiatives; facilitating the emergence of research projects in specific areas through active clusters, such as epilepsy, prevention of severe mental disorders, and neuroimaging. This includes enabling the sharing of data and access to research infrastructures, increasing the visibility of the brain research portfolio as a whole (EBRA’s mapping report) and promoting the uptake of EBRA results to key stakeholders and developing a shared vision for the future (SEBRA report).

EBRAINS AIBSL, as Human Brain Project coordinator, contributed to the mapping report of brain research funding in Europe and to the development of the Shared Brain Research Agenda (SEBRA). We also contributed to activities dedicated to the EBRA clusters such as the workshop “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Data Sharing” and the dissemination of the EBRA Cluster achievements.

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EBRA releases Mapping Report: investment in European brain research still vital, 10 February 2022


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Total Funding

1997648 Euros


1 November 2018 – 31 October 2022

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