The EBRAINS Science Vision is to revolutionize our understanding of the brain and improve brain health and technology.

EBRAINS Science Vision

The EBRAINS Science Vision is to revolutionize our understanding of the brain and improve brain health and technology. We strive to be the premier digital infrastructure for neuroscience research by providing integrated, cutting-edge tools, data, and models that enable seemless collaboration and knowledge exchange. By integrating with EBRAINS, researchers can build customized science workflows across the entire scientific value chain and generate new neuroscience knowledge that would be otherwise inaccessible, paving the way for innovative solutions to the most pressing challenges in neuroscience. Our ultimate goal is to accelerate the pace of scientific discovery, generate new insights into the brain, and translate these insights into tangible benefits for society.

Our goals are:

  • To continuously enhance and maintain our research infrastructure to the highest standard of excellence, enabling cutting-edge research and innovation in neuroscience.
  • To support a diverse and inclusive scientific program that serves the needs of a broad global community, fosters collaboration and cross-disciplinary research, and helps to drive transformative discoveries in the field of neuroscience.
  • To develop strong and lasting partnerships with industry to promote knowledge transfer and accelerate the translation of research into new brain-based technologies and therapies.
  • To be a neutral and authoritative voice for brain science, advocating for evidence-based policies that support fundamental research, and engaging with policymakers and stakeholders to promote awareness and understanding of the importance of neuroscience research.
  • To provide world-class training and education opportunities for the next generation of scientists and engineers.
  • To inspire and engage the public in brain science, fostering awareness, understanding, and support for neuroscience research and its potential to improve brain health and well-being for all.

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About the EBRAINS Science and Technology Committee

The EBRAINS Science and Technology Committee is tasked with advising the Board of Directors on the strategic agenda of EBRAINS as well as providing its expertise to all governing bodies of EBRAINS on relevant matters. The ESTC will collaborate closely with the EBRAINS Management Board during strategy development and implementation to ensure coherence of the strategy, its implementation of the provision and operation of the research infrastructure.

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