Simulate experiments in the Hippocampus CA1 with this simple web-based GUI. Simulations can be configured for a subset of neurons or a complete brain region. Simply select the stimulation parameters, launch the job on the EBRAINS supercomputer, and review the results by built-in plots.

Our offer

  • Select the neurons or neuronal populations of interest for your simulation
  • Apply and record stimuli for select populations
  • Simulate the selected neural populations using HPC resources
  • Analyse the simulation results


Simulate cells, cell populations and entire brain regions

With the brain area simulation web app, you can select cells, populations of cells, or choose entire brain regions for your simulation. Next, you can select where stimuli will be injected (i.e. into which population of cells) and the subsequent activity will be recorded. You can also define the stimulation and recording protocols and launch the stimulation with the EBRAINS HPC back end. The electrophysiological results can be analysed and explored within the app.

Microcircuit central column, 2484 cells out of 18198
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