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The EBRAINS Community is being built with and for the people developing, using, supporting, and benefiting from the EBRAINS Research Infrastructure. The EBRAINS Community has an interdisciplinary and inclusive focus.

“Whether you are looking for other EBRAINS users, would like to engage in research facilitated by the EBRAINS services and tools, or find elements of neuroscience, brain medicine, and brain-related technology interesting, the EBRAINS Community is for you!”

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Benefits of the EBRAINS Community

The EBRAINS Community brings together interdisciplinary communities under one umbrella to ensure widespread use and collaboration around EBRAINS. It is a central place to meet and connect.

Community builders and engaged community members create engagement across the community, and we strive to create a relevant, inclusive, and collaborative culture. We seek to offer value to our members and EBRAINS. Our subcommunities provide space and offers of learning and networking activities, access to knowledge, and collaboration opportunities.

As a member of the EBRAINS Community you will get:

an opportunity to learn about and support on how to use the EBRAINS tools and services.
access to community knowledge-sharing and networking.
a strong interdisciplinary and multi-actor collaboration, and room for you to co-create new research themes and project.
... what you bring to the community.

Find subcommunities that match your curiosity

The EBRAINS Community consists of multiple subcommunities in various areas within neuroscience, brain medicine, brain-related technology all related to the EBRAINS services and research. You can see all the current subcommunities below or explore them in the EBRAINS Community space here.

The vision of an inclusive community

The EBRAINS Community is being built on a set of values supporting an interdisciplinary and collaborative culture. The vision we strive for is an inclusive community based on six key values.

“EBRAINS Community is for anyone wanting to take part.”

Open and Inclusive. Diversity, interdisciplinarity, and multi-actor engagement are key to the collaborative environment of EBRAINS and to the ability to live up to the other values.

Collaborative. The EBRAINS Community is by its culture and activities supporting wide collaboration in and beyond the scientific communities.

Member-driven. The needs of the community should become a driver for further development and planning in the EBRAINS Community.

Self-organising. The EBRAINS Community is be based on self-interest and self-organisation in subcommunities and events. This will be supported by the community management.

Beneficial for society. The EBRAINS Community strives for excellence in its science, and exploitation of results to the benefit of society and individuals.

Responsible. The EBRAINS Community and its activities are living up to the principles of responsible research and innovation and the legal and ethical compliance standards set for EBRAINS.