• Explore the data, code and models underlying scientific studies
  • Build interactive documents to showcase your data and the simulation or data analysis code used in your research
  • Easily link to resources in community databases such as EBRAINS, NeuroMorpho.org, ModelDB, and the Allen Brain Atlas
  • Embedded, interactive visualisation of electrophysiology data and neuronal reconstructions
  • Launch EBRAINS simulation tools to explore single neuron models in your browser
  • Share live papers pre-publication with anonymous reviewers during peer review of your manuscript

Browse and search Live Papers

Researchers from the Human Brain Project have already published over 20 live papers with interactive supplementary material for their published papers in Nature Communications, PNAS, PLOS Computational Biology, eLife and other journals.

Publish your own Live Paper

The Live Paper Builder app lets you build a live paper by searching for the resources you've already shared through public repositories such as EBRAINS, NeuroMorpho.org or ModelDB, and adding explanatory text with Markdown formatting and LaTeX for mathematics.

If your data or models are not yet shared in a public repository you can share them through EBRAINS.

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