Visualise neurons and neuronal circuits with large numbers of cells using NeuroTessMesh on your desktop. It enables the visualisation of the 3D morphology of cells included in open databases, such as NeuroMorpho, and provides the tools needed to approximate missing information such as the soma’s morphology.

  • Visualise 3D morphology of neurons
  • Generate high-quality meshes at low computational cost
  • Access tools to fine-tune meshes
  • Tessellated models at different levels of detail


Visualise neural morphology

NeuroTessMesh takes morphological tracings of cells acquired by neuroscientists and generates 3D models that approximate the neuronal membrane. The resolution of the models can be adapted at the time of visualization. Assign colours to codify different parts of a morphology, differentiating relevant morphological variables, or even neuronal activity.

Visualisation of the detailed morphology of neurons in a cortical column. Each layer is shown in a different colour.


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Related publications

Garcia-Cantero, J.J., Brito, J.P., Mata, S., Bayona, S., and Pastor. L. (2017) NeuroTessMesh: A Tool for the Generation and Visualization of Neuron Meshes and Adaptive On-the-Fly Refinement. Front. Neuroinform. 11:38.

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