Run small circuit in silico experiments with the Pair recording app, directly available via your web browser. Target and manipulate a selected subset of cells for your small circuit experiments and instantly obtain simulated voltage recordings.

Our offer

  • Use subsets of cells from predefined models to create your own small neuronal circuits
  • Define your own stimulation and reporting protocols
  • Select a predefined detailed model of the brain area you wish to explore


Run small circuit in silico experiments in your web browser

Select a number of neurons from predefined circuit models based on their properties (e.g. morphology, electrical type) or connectivity (i.e. afferent/efferent of selected cells). Next, configure the placement and protocol of the stimulation and recording. Once the simulation is running, you can visualise (in real time) the simulated electrophysiological activity, zoom in and out of the traces and download the recorded activity in a .csv file. The latter can be exploited for further analysis and visualisation.

Four selected cells from the microcircuit
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