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Neurorobotics Platform

Close the loop! Connect brain models to simulated bodies in a physically realistic environment. Test your hypotheses on brain functions, or compare and share experimental results.

Neurorobotics Simulation Platform

The EBRAINS Neurorobotics Platform (NRP) is the HBP open source integrative simulation framework for implementing closed Action-Perception-Cognition loops in embodied settings. This supports the creation of scenarios where a brain model controls a virtual body interacting with a realistic simulated environment.

Neuroscientists can observe and analyse emergent behavioural patterns in virtual agents controlled by models of brain architecture and functions. This provides the unprecedented ability to test and refine these models iteratively, without the many approximations entailed by simulating the brain decoupled from the body.

Roboticists can further their ideas of safe and adaptable robotic systems inspired by biological architectures. Novel robotic controllers can easily be designed and tested on the NRP, paving the way for enhanced cognitive abilities such as contextual awareness and decision-making.

Thanks to its direct connection to both Neuroscience research in HBP and the EBRAINS HPC infrastructure, the NRP is the best available platform for scientific exploration and development of neuromorphic computing applications.


  • Open access and Open source.
  • Fully customizable models and environments.
  • Ready-to-use model library: from rigid-body robots to compliant tendon-driven robots and musculoskeletal models.
  • Multiple neural simulators and AI frameworks (e.g. NEST, TensorFlow, Nengo): implement a wide range of brain simulations such as spiking neural networks, controllers synthesized through deep learning, and custom hybrid controllers.
  • Available both online for collaborative work or through local installation for full customization of experiments.

AI and robotics

EBRAINS Neurorobotics Platform Demos

Discover some possibilities offered by the NRP by launching a demo experiment. Simply click on the image of the experiment you would like to see.

AI and robotics

Install the EBRAINS Neurorobotics Platform on your local machine

You can have the NRP running on your local machine in no time: just download the Docker image and follow the steps described here.
Advanced users or developers can proceed with a full source install

AI and robotics

Use the EBRAINS Neurorobotics Platform online

Launch the online version of the EBRAINS Neurorobotics Platform in your browser.

If you already have an HBP account, you will land in your private space with access to our template experiments and model library; you will be able to design and run simulations, import or share experiments, and much more!

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