EBRAINS High Level Support Team (HLST) can help you with your questions about our services, tools, and workflows. We address issues of all sizes.

Before you send a support request, please check to see if the answer is already available in the EBRAINS Documentation.

Contact the EBRAINS Support Team for help by filling out the form or emailing us. You should immediately receive an email confirmation of your ticket. Please keep to a single ticket per topic. If you need to attach a file to your ticket, please do so by replying to the email confirmation of the creation of your ticket.

Please don't send personal or other confidential information to the Support Team. If you need to do so, please contact Support first and ask if and how this information can be transmitted; otherwise, we cannot ensure the security of processing such data. EBRAINS does not accept liability for any data breaches to support tickets containing personal data in transit or at rest.

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