The Medical Data Analytics service provides two unique EBRAINS platforms, covering key areas in clinical neuroscience research: the Medical Informatics Platform (MIP), which federates large, clinical datasets; and the Human Intracerebral EEG Platform (HIP), dedicated to human intracerebral EEG (iEEG) data.

Maximise the leverage and re-use of anonymised and harmonised medical data.

The MIP is a privacy-preserving, federated data processing and analytics system, maximising the leverage and re-use of decentralised patient data and research cohort datasets. It offers integrated statistical methods, predictive machine learning algorithms for data exploration, modelling, integration and data analysis methods. While not leaving their original site of storage (usually hospitals), clinical data can be collaboratively analysed, amplifying the possibilities to explore anonymised, harmonised medical data, which have been extracted from pre-processed neuroimaging, neurophysiological and medical records.

The HIP is designed to collect, centrally store, curate, share and analyse iEEG data optimally, covering the entire field of iEEG-based research; i.e. multi-scale investigation of cognition, consciousness, connectomics and related disorders. The HIP, which is currently under development, will enable the use of EBRAINS HPC resources and will offer links to other EBRAINS services, like the Knowledge Graph and the Human Brain Atlases. In line with the FAIR principles, it will fully respect ethics and data privacy regulations, and optimise end-user access management. To get a first impression on the HIP development, visit the Human Intracerebral EEG Platform on the HBP Website.

Medical Data Analytics


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